GoStream is a new streaming website with more than 10.000 movies in HD quality that you can watch for free without registration. If we want to talk a little bit about history, we can say that GoStream was created for the first time many years ago, in the times when websites like Project Free TV were very popular. GoStream grew pretty slow compared to other streaming websites, though it was slow but steady and this is why these days we can say GoStream is one of the best sites where you can watch online movies and series online for free in HD.

About the new GoStream site

Recently GoStream went through a rebranding. The old design has been changed with a brand new one, inspired by 123Movies but with lots of modifications to make sure the theme fits perfectly to GoStream. Own logo, own color scheme and many features and improvements to make this website the best online place for watching tv shows and movies. GoStream is using a minimalist style on the homepage with only a search form. Although it's simple, it is very intuitive and easy to use even for a person without any experience. In the top of the site you can find the most important pages which contains all the content published on GoStream. Also in the bottom you can find some recommendations and a list of the most popular genres on this site.

How to watch movies on GoStream

Some visitors asked us about how to watch the content on our website. It is very simple, just choose the movie you like using the search formular or the dedicated pages, click the play button, close any ads or pops if they appear and now you can watch your movie without interruptions. We are working hard to publish all the movies without any advertisement but sometimes this is not possible due to the third parties who provide the content and we can't control them. If ads are bothering you, we strongly recommend the installation of any kind of adblocker.

Is GoStream legal and safe?

GoStream and any other similar sites are completely legal because they don't host any content on their own servers. Everything the visitors see is just mirrored from the third parties that usually host all the movies and couchtuner series. If you are living in a country where online movies are prohibited, you can easily install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and watch quietly without the government knowing anything about you. By the way, you won't have with any problems with online streaming if you are living in USA, Australia, India or Europe. When it comes to the safety things are very clear because sites like GoStream will never have the interest to do anything harmful, but sometimes it happens that the third parties who provide the ads to get infected and involuntary spread viruses, but this is happening rarely. As we said, the problems might come from the advertisement so all you have to do is install a free adblocker to get rid of all the ads.